Furniture Mexico

FurnitureMEX provides complete Furniture Packages for clients who have purchased a new home in Mexico and want to avoid the pitfalls associated with purchasing and arranging for delivery of furniture while thousands of miles away. Our mission is to provide our clients with high quality furnishings at a reasonable price and to eliminate the stress and uncertainty that naturally comes with making a significant purchase from afar.

Each piece in our Furniture Packages is constructed of 100% hardwood and has been selected for its timeless style and durability ensuring years of enjoyment for you and your guests. Three fabric colors are available enabling you to customize the look of your package to suit your taste. FurnitureMEX provides not only the very highest quality furniture but also the level of service that our American and Canadian clients have come to expect in their home country.

We have developed excellent relationships with our furniture manufacturers, each of which has been carefully selected for not only the beauty and durability of their products but also for their professionalism and reliability. All of our furnishings are purchased from within Mexico affording our customers manufacturer direct pricing.

By eliminating the stress of negotiating a fair price, arranging shipping and taking delivery, we leave you to only complete the FUN part of furnishing a new home: choosing the decorative accents and personal touches that will make your home uniquely yours. We will work in coordination with the property management company of your choice to be sure that your new investment is completely outfitted and ready to welcome vacation renters.

In order to offer the best prices in the region, FurnitureMEX does NOT sell furniture by the piece. For more information about ordering and package pricing email or call 518.250.1269 from the US and Canada, 984.803.2487 in Mexico.